Office building with showrooms and stores

  • offices / retail
  • 3650 m2
  • 2017-11-30
  • Project
  • Plovdiv, Brezovsko shose blvd.


The property is located in Plovdiv, on "Brezovsko shose" Blvd. in the west, and a serving street in the east. The displacement in the east-west direction is about 3 meters. The property has an immediate road and pedestrian access from the existing road infrastructure.

Within the property an office building with shops and warehouses is planned to be built. A new landscaping of the terrain is planned according to an elaborated project, part of Public Works.

The main entrance of the property is provided to be by "Brezovsko shose", and the main entrance of the building is situated centrally on the western facade. Parking is provided entirely within the landlord's property and parking spaces are allocated to the western and northern property ranges. Access to the warehouses is provided at elevation -3.43 on the eastern facade, with a connection to the serving street from the east.


At elevation -3,43 there are two staircases, a premise for the electrical panel, a community room with showers and toilets, a service room, a machine room for the elevators, an office with 4 work places and a large warehouse with an area of ​​1099 sq.m. All rooms, except sanitary facilities, have natural lighting and ventilation.

At elevation ± 0.00 there are two staircases, four large shops with sanitary facilities and one service room. Each store has a separate entrance, located on the western facade with a view and access from "Brezovsko Shose" str.

At elevation +5,27 there are two staircases, two large offices with toilets, one large warehouse, two loggias and two balconies, premises for the manager and deputy manager.


The design solution is inspired by modern architecture. The volume of the building is a set of a large parallelepiped as a base and four smaller parallelepipeds located on top of the main volume. The shapes are simple and clean, which contributes to the modern look of the building. The roofs are flat, providing the necessary hydro and thermal insulation according to the normative requirements.

In order to improve the artistic and aesthetic qualities of the overall volume, different architectural techniques are considered - the suspended facade used is divided into two types using a different raster and materials, which contributes to the achievement of an original and impressive image. The parapets of the building are intended to be entirely made of tempered glass, which will give a straight and clear line of volumes.

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